Social Media & Sharing

Share and link content for any type of demographic across social media


Share Everything

Listings, blogs, agents, content... if it is on your website, then you and your visitors can share it to all the major social media networks.

Social Media Integrations

With support for all major social media networks built directly into your website, visitors can link direct to your agency accounts, or your individual agent accounts.

Email Campaign Support

With MyID, any CRM system can link to your properties on your new website using your original property ID numbers.

Nothing new to learn, MyID ensures your preferred email campaign system can continue to be used to its full potential and link to properties on your website.

Talk to our team to learn more.

Lead Driving

Critical marketing features that drives visitor engagement and conversions

SEO Best Practices

When it comes to SEO, we have you covered with industry best practices right out of the box

Print Brochures

Sometimes people still prefer paper, so let visitors print out their favorite listings


If you use a campaign system that needs a specific plugin, talk to our team for integration advice

Structured Data

Structured data helps search engines, like Google, find critical information faster, helping to improve your ranking and make search engine results more interactive.

We automatically create and inject structured data into your listing pages for your property address, open home times, auction times and much more.

Feeling nerdy? You can read all about Structured Data and how it helps over on Google Search Central

Contact Forms

iDashsites come standard with every form you'll ever need, with the flexibility for more if you need them

General Contact

Allow visitors to get in touch with your agency or agents for general topics

Property Contact

Visitors, prospective buyers and prospective tenants can enquire direct from your listings

Sale Appraisal

Get an appraisal for residential sale properties, with form fields specific to residential listings

Rental Appraisal

Allow landlords to get an appraisal for existing rentals or properties they would like to rent

Rural Appraisal

Get an appraisal for rural sale properties, with form fields specific to the rural lifestyle

Commercial Appraisal

Tailored appraisal form specific to the needs of commercial properties

Maintenance Request

No 1Form or similar system? Tenants can lodge simple & straight forward maintenance requests

Notice To Vacate

Tenants can lodge a simple notice to vacate, with everything you need from the tenant

Advanced Forms

Go all out and get our team to build you a custom form, such as rental applications

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